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Thought leadership

Sustainable inclusive transboundary landscapes: frameworks for strategy development

A landscape is a social-ecological system that consists of a mosaic of natural and/or human-modified ecosystems, often with a characteristic configuration of topography, vegetation, land use, and settlements that is
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Towards more resilient agro-ecological systems:lessons from Lesotho

Towards more resilient agro-ecological systems: Lessons from Lesotho

We discuss: Social-ecological systems Resilience A resilient system Principles Keys to unlock resilience Download the full presentation below: Download content
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Rebuilding resilience in cocial-ecological systems at the edge

Rebuilding resilience in social-ecological systems at the edge

In this presentation we compare resilience at three localities: the Eastern Cape, South Africa; Roghun, Tajikistan, and Lesotho, based on evaluation work done in these three places. These are social-ecological
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Meaningful co-production: learning that inspires participants, harnesses collective wisdom and yields novel solutions

Co-producing knowledge may harness collective wisdom and insights, creates synergies, enriches mutual understanding of problems (especially when these are complex), and promotes adoption and implementation of products. But this is
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Engagement in conservation: beyond ladders of participation

Conservationists everywhere are realizing that going it alone is not an option: we need the energy and contributions from civil society role players. Besides, conservation is everyone’s business – not
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