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Pie charting Machubeni BW

Our Work

We specialize in collaborative management of natural resources in conservation, agriculture and forestry. We are passionate about promoting the sustainable co-existence of people and nature. We facilitate joint landscape management and landscape stewardship through participation, learning, capacity development and knowledge co-production.


Focus areas

Developmental evaluation

Our developmental approach empowers local communities, officials and facilitators to make better decisions. We develop continuous M&E programs that promote adaptive management and continuous improvement through reflection, learning and change.

Participatory monitoring tools

We work with stakeholders to develop innovative monitoring programs by gathering multiple evidence for better decision-making.

Management plans & strategies

We facilitate the development of joint management strategies and action plans, involving all stakeholders.

Capacity development & learning

Our projects center on capacity development and training for African resource management, using cutting edge methods appropriate to local conditions.

The CARMa-Afrika collaboratory is hosted by Nelson Mandela University’s Sustainability Research Unit. We are available for short term consultancies as well as longer term contracts for science support, capacity development, monitoring and evaluation.


Tel: (+27) 83 631 8828